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Assisting corporations to fulfill their human capital need, and advancing careers of talented professionals in Indonesia.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

   For Employers   

What differences match recruitment® with other head hunters or recruitment companies?

We have a comprehensive database for positions in various industries, and we do not accept shortcuts in selecting candidates. Each candidate has gone through a rigorous CV, profile, and interview screening, so we ensure their quality and interest before recommending them to clients.

Does match recruitment® handle specific positions in certain industries?

Our team is ready to be a head hunter and recruitment consultant that can handle various industries and various positions needed. The candidates come from a variety of disciplines, backgrounds, and work experience, so our main focus is dealing with the manager level and above.

Is there an admin fee when the cooperation agreement is approved?

No, there isn’t, because our main goal is to reach a successful deal. We only charge a fee to the candidates we have successfully placed.

How big is the match recruitment candidate database?

So far we have 8000+ candidates and will continue to grow.