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The Epic Journey of match recruitment's Toughest Hospital Placement

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Explore the incredible story of how match recruitment tackled its toughest assignment yet: finding a new Hospital Director for a well-known hospital in North Jakarta. This hospital had high standards and a unique culture, making the search extra challenging. But match recruitment didn't give up. Despite many interviews and setbacks, they finally found a candidate who seemed perfect, even though he was working at a bigger hospital and had a higher salary. It took a lot of negotiating and trust-building, but eventually, they convinced both the candidate and the hospital to meet. And it turned out to be a perfect match!

Through careful discussions and respect for everyone's needs, match recruitment successfully bridged the gap between the candidate's expectations and the hospital's budget. The candidate joined the hospital in December 2016 and has been excelling ever since, contributing greatly to its success. This case study shows that even the toughest challenges can be overcome with patience, trust, and a mindful approach.

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