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Recruitment Case Study

Building Trust: How match recruitment Helped City Vision Grow Overtime

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Discover how match recruitment played a pivotal role in City Vision's growth journey, fostering trust and delivering exceptional results in this recruitment case study. As City Vision embarked on an ambitious expansion in 2017, match recruitment stepped in to help fill crucial leadership positions. Recognizing the importance of finding candidates who not only met City Vision's requirements but also shared their vision and values, match recruitment's dedicated team, led by Co-Founder/Principal Consultant, Ibu Silvia, worked closely with the owners to understand their needs.

Through strategic communication and a deep understanding of City Vision's culture, match recruitment successfully filled urgent roles, including two Account Managers, within the first few months. Over the following year, match recruitment fulfilled 22 open positions, forming the backbone of City Vision's new core leadership team. This partnership continues to thrive, with City Vision expressing heartfelt gratitude for match recruitment's ongoing support, underscoring the enduring trust and bond forged over time.

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